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Fitted Wardrobes: The Most Coveted Bedroom Furniture

Fitted Wardrobes: The Most Coveted Bedroom Furniture

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One of the most unsettled dilemmas homeowners in recent times face is the choice between fitted and freestanding wardrobes. While the latter is an established and conventional furniture design, enjoying the biggest advantage of portability, the former comes up as a modern solution when the focus of homeowners shifts to modularity and functionality. As homes grew smaller in urban localities, people desperately wanted to maximise space utilisation. The scene was all set for made-to-measure closets that utilised every inch of space. This was how the idea of fitted wardrobes churned out.

Today, with the rise in urbanisation, people are shifting to apartments, and with the influence of modern design trends, built-in closets are turning out to be go-to furniture choices. If you are here to gauge the suitability of one in your home, go through this blog post. Enclosed is everything, from benefits and applicability in small bedrooms and rooms with sloping ceilings to how worthy it is to shell out extra money on.

How Do Fitted Wardrobes Benefit Homeowners?

Freestanding wardrobes may have ruled homes for many years, but bespoke ones are enjoying all the limelight for the following:

Saves space:

Unlike freestanding closets, you can alter the panel dimensions of fitted closets to make the most of the space in your room.

Offers practical storage:

Homes often have awkward spaces, which mostly go to waste. A bespoke closet optimises the unused and empty areas to maximise storage capacity.

Allows for design customisation:

Fitted solutions are receptive to new ideas. Contact a modern wardrobe supplier and build one according to your custom choices. No wonder homeowners love custom closets so much!

From the discussion above, there is no doubt that tailor-made closets provide value for money.

Do Fitted Wardrobes Complement Small Bedrooms?

Made-to-measure closets make the most of the available space in bedrooms with limited floor area. There is no chance of awkward spaces being left unused with such a choice. When attached to mirrors, the wardrobes create the illusion of an airy and larger room. Plus, there is the added advantage of designing them with sliding doors instead of hinged ones, which saves extra space when opened. Lastly, you have the freedom to compartmentalise the storage system to fit in more of your belongings and empty the room for moving around.

Do Built-in Closets Fit into Rooms with Sloping Ceilings?

Many homes have sloped roofs and loft spaces. Bespoke wardrobes easily transform the vacant spaces around them into practical storage areas for occupants to make good use of. In other words, there is full control of the available space in a room with made-to-measure closets. Angled ceiling spaces no longer act as barriers. Rather, custom solutions overcome the limitations of classic freestanding wardrobes.

Get Creative with Aubie O’Rourke Fitted Furniture!

Aubie O’Rourke Fitted Furniture, a modern wardrobe supplier, builds functional storage spaces for its customers. We design the wardrobe interiors in Cork and across Ireland according to the specifications of the homeowners and the space available in the bedroom. Feel free to discuss your preferences and allow us to satisfy you with custom closets to fight the challenges posed by small bedrooms and awkward spaces.