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aubie fitted furniture
aubie fitted furniture
aubie fitted furniture
aubie fitted furniture
aubie fitted furniture
aubie fitted furniture

Space Saving Custom Sliding Wardrobes by Aubie O’ Rourke Furniture—Seamlessly Functional Storage

Sleek, seamless wardrobe doors cotton to the minimalist for saving more space than traditional swing doors and providing a neat ultramodern style. Sliding doors don’t require opening space in front of the wardrobe. This is why they are more befitting for small bedrooms, where every inch counts.

If you love the idea, you will love our catalogue even more! We at Aubie O’Rourke have been redefining space optimisation with our custom sliding wardrobes in Cork. We have been doing this for over 40 years—you can trust us as the best seasoned. Explore our past projects, get inspired, or book a consultation with our experts for personalised recommendations based on your space and your requirements.

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How Sliding Door Wardrobes Work and How We Make Them Work for You

Sliding wardrobe doors move sideways, not at the front. They trail on metal tracks and are attached to frames at the top and bottom of the door panel. Since there is more floor space available in front of the wardrobe, you can bring a bed or other furniture closer and make a small room more spacious.

Another good thing about slides is that they eliminate the need for door hinges and associated anomalies, such as rusting, creaking noises, the joints weakening from frequent swinging and the doors getting loose. No hinges mean no load bearing, and the weight of the door panels is more self-sufficient. As a result, they are more durable than hinges.

Aubie O’Rourke Fitted Furniture is the best place to get custom-built slide robe doors in Cork. We fulfil our commitment to world-class quality by providing wardrobe fittings by brands like Hafelle and Wurth. Our team comprises highly skilled contractors of fitted sliding wardrobes who can provide you with an abundance of options for bespoke designs. We will design, install and configure storage solutions beyond the general concepts of shelves, hangers and drawers. This is to integrate space utility, functional storage, time and budget under one cohesive solution. That’s how we make it work for you.

Types of Sliding Door Wardrobes

We at Aubie O’Rourke Fitted Furniture offer a wide range of configurations for slide robes in Cork, including the top line, Syncro, slide and collapsible, and many others. Innovative mechanisms, brought to life by visionary brands, equip us to design, configure and define your storage solutions, creating a dedicated space for each belonging.

Top Line Slides

The door is suspended from the top and has stacked tracks. Ideal for straight two and three-sliding door wardrobes, it comes with a quint, soft close mechanism, which makes the doors feel like they are floating.

Syncro Sliding Systems

The synchronised “Syncro” door mechanism uses side panels and is ideal for fitted wardrobes that could use a partition-like door, almost like a walk-in closet.

Wardrobes with Sliding Mirror Doors

We can install floor-to-ceiling fitted mirrored wardrobe doors or place mirrors on one side and wooden panels on the other side. Get flexible design options and plenty of choices for fitting mirrors in your sliding wardrobe.

Slide and Fold Collapsible Wardrobes

These doors slide and can be folded or collapsed on the sides, to open them for full views, like swing doors, yet you can have the space-saving benefit of a sliding wardrobe—a total win-win.

Why Choose Aubie for Fitted Sliding Wardrobes in Cork

If saving private space is your focus, you ought to draw your attention to the importance of quality craftsmanship. Without it, the door panels can be banned and the alignment compromised. Why would you compromise when you get the best configurations at the most competitive slide robes prices? Below are the best reasons why partnering with us makes all the sense.

Smart Custom Storage Solutions

Speak with us to customise a smart storage solution. By “solution,” we mean for you to get all-encompassing storage that reserves a place for each belonging and doesn’t leave any room for clutter. Get brilliant options for small spaces.

Budget Solutions

Being in the business for over 40 years, we are drawn to believe less in the “big catch” and more in budget solutions. Have a clear understanding of the costs and how to make them fit into your budget. We have something for everyone.

High-Quality Materials

We work with top-branded sliding wardrobe door fittings like that of Haffelle and Wurth. These brands have redefined sliding door wardrobe mechanisms, and we use them to redefine the utility, durability and quality of our built-ins.

Design The Perfect Sliding Wardrobe For Your Space with Aubie O’Rourke Fitted Furniture

Whether you want to carve out a walk-in closet with custom-fitted sliding wardrobes, create a wall-to-wall fitted mirrored wardrobe, or optimise small spaces to carve out smart storage—–sliding doors can be an excellent choice. With our made-to-measure fitted furniture and tailored shelves and storage nooks, you can have a space that is aesthetically pleasing and has fantastic functionality to make your life easier. If you think your space is too small, you have odd corners, or your budget won’t permit it, bring the matter to us and discover amazing possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom sliding wardrobes with high-quality branded fittings and impeccable built-to-last craftsmanship could be just as expensive as swing doors. Slide robes prices are very close to swing doors. It varies based on type, finish and brand-specific features.

The allotted time includes an initial assessment, design consultation, building and installation, and quality checks. The required time is personally discussed with the client before each project, there is no “average” time we can commit. What we can commit to is timely completion. Every time.

Naturally, we guarantee you that, which is why we only use big brand fittings. Each fittout comes with a guarantee period so that you can have complete peace of mind for good.